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Making Our Own Wedding Bands at The Devil's Workshop

I’ve always been the curious type, jumping at opportunities to take a peek behind the scenes at how things are made and the creative process, and if there’s a chance to try my own hand at something? Sign me up! Couple that with my love of storytelling, and you’ve got a recipe for one happy girl, so when Jason and I came across the wedding band workshop at The Devil’s Workshop and were presented with the opportunity to make our own bands, we jumped at the chance, loving the idea that not only would we gain firsthand access into how a ring is made, but we’d have a part in crafting each other’s, weaving that into our story and attaching even more significance to these pieces of jewellery that already stand for so much. 

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Secrets to Styling Your Wedding Tablescape

I've seen a few sneak peeks of the wedding day itself thanks to impromptu texts from Scarlet that  always leave me giddy with excitement, but I'll save those for when we get our full gallery back and I can share the full story of how how our day unfolded. Intrigued yet? Trust me, I'm right there with you. But for now, we'll work backwards a little bit, starting with the last post I did on Style Me Pretty that covered my secrets for styling a wedding tablescape, with five tips and a sneak peek at the mockup we did to bring my vision to life. 

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Behind the Scenes Video // Tablescape Styling

It's safe to say that my happy place is on set, watching all the pieces come together and bringing the vision to life after weeks of planning, inspiration gathering and detail dreaming. There's a collaborative energy that just can't be replicated, and it's truly where the magic starts to happen. 

In an attempt to capture this, we played around with filming our last styled shoot, with Abby taking video and following Scarlet as she shot the tablescape and yours truly, finessing the details and adding the final touches. We also have some special appearances by Alex (who also did all the stationery design for the shoot), flowers by Blush and Bloom and mini pop tarts by Bake Shoppe. Oh, and I couldn't have done it without my in-house editor extraordinaire, Jason

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DIY Silver Geometric Shapes

I’ve always found that creativity thrives most when limitations are set, and this has proven true when it comes to the wedding as well. For example, with a relatively tight budget and a location that requires us to have a tented wedding, it’s forced us to prioritize what the most important elements of the big day are and where we choose to spend our money, and also to think outside the box a little when it comes to transforming a standard tent into a setting that feels as though it’s a part of the forested grounds and captures that enchanted feeling we’ve identified as being part of our theme.

Which is where the DIYs come in.

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Curating Your Wedding Style on Style Me Pretty

I have to admit that I was pinning and blogging wedding inspiration long before I had a ring on my finger. The wedding industry is filled with so much creativity and beauty, so there has been a lot of bridal-related content that has found its way onto my inspiration boards over the years, and many project details that have been drawn from weddings and styled shoots alike.

The easy part is pinning all the beautiful images you love, the hard part is finding the common ties and creating a vision of your own. Or — a visual strategy, if you will.


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My Wedding Planning Journey on Style Me Pretty

Today marks the start of a new partnership with Style Me Pretty, where I'll be sharing all the details of my wedding planning journey.

I’m excited to share the process of dreaming up the vision for the wedding as well as pulling together all of the details, and since I’ll be doing a lot of the planning and styling myself, you can expect backstage access to what planning a smaller, fairly non-traditional affair looks like.

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Love Notes // Vol. 23

1 // I’m not sure if it’s the delicate lace, the hint of sparkle, or the mermaid worthy styling of this dress from the Chanel spring 2014 couture collection, but it’s been infiltrating my inspiration boards for awhile now, first as I was working on the Studio B rebrand, and now as I plan my wedding. I’m currently trying to dream up ways I can incorporate this iridescent quality without it being over the top, but it’s definitely one element that’s been defining certain aspects of the styling, so you can expect to see hints of it in one way or another.

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Love Notes // Vol. 22

It was bound to happen eventually: A Love Notes post dedicated solely to wedding inspiration. We are less than nine months away from the big day now, which means that many of the bigger decisions have already been made and I'm starting to spend more time dreaming up the details. In other words, this is where the magic happens!

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Bridal Party Pampering at Her Majesty's Pleasure

When the team at Her Majesty's Pleasure invited me and a few of my girlfriends for a morning of pampering to try out their bridal services, complete with manicures and fancy cocktails, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a step back and focus on the other side of wedding planning, celebrating with those you love.

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Girl Crush // Loversland

Imagine finding a companion that is your best friend, knows when you need that poetic morning text message (a heart emoji has replaced the love letter) and will forever be your travel partner. I heard the term soulmate referred to as a ‘travel partner’ and thought it was such an awesome substitute. We are all travelling our specific paths in life but then you can find someone that wants to travel with you, how beautiful is that.

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Bridal Inspiration // Rime Arodaky

There's a lot of inspiration to be found within the bridal industry, and I'm constantly turning to the pages of magazines and curated Pinterest boards to pick out my favourite pieces and gather styling ideas for future projects or just to keep at the back of my mind. And though I've seen many a wedding dress that I like for this reason or that, it's rare that I pay attention to the designer specifically, instead finding myself more drawn to the silhouette or a specific detail.

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