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Bridal Inspiration // Rime Arodaky

There's a lot of inspiration to be found within the bridal industry, and I'm constantly turning to the pages of magazines and curated Pinterest boards to pick out my favourite pieces and gather styling ideas for future projects or just to keep at the back of my mind. And though I've seen many a wedding dress that I like for this reason or that, it's rare that I pay attention to the designer specifically, instead finding myself more drawn to the silhouette or a specific detail.

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01 // A colourful style guide. I'm still on a bit of a branding kick as I (slowly) continue with the Bicyclette rebrand and work on a few other exciting projects, and the design nerd in me is especially loving style guides and brand boards right now, which pull together all the graphic elements of a brand. The colour palette and branding for restaurant Calexico'sis right on point.

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