01 // A colourful style guide. I'm still on a bit of a branding kick as I (slowly) continue with the Bicyclette rebrand and work on a few other exciting projects, and the design nerd in me is especially loving style guides and brand boards right now, which pull together all the graphic elements of a brand. The colour palette and branding for restaurant Calexico'sis right on point.

02 // Style me pretty. I also have a number of styling and photo shoot projects in the works, so I've been pinning up a bit of a storm recently and on the hunt for inspiration. The pink backdrop and double exposure featured here, as well as the styling details, are a few elements I'm loving in this image.

03 // Rough around the edges. Currently one of my favourite beauty looks, the smudged and smoky eye that's a little undone would be perfect paired with pretty and more put-together styling.

04 // Patio drinks, anyone? 'Tis the season for nights spent sipping fancy cocktails on the patio, and my list of recipes to make continues to grow. I love a classic mojito but am all for switching it up and adding unexpected ingredients, like the citrus addition in this Grapefruit and Mint Mojito.

05 // Continuing education. I mentioned it before, but I've been on quite the learning kick recently, soaking up any and all information I can get my hands onto. One of my most recent website finds for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers is Nectar Collective, who offers up a lot of great resources and tips. Plus, her graphics are always bold and bright, and we all know how I feel about that!

06 // Pretty in pastels. Another tie-in to various projects currently on-the-go, this image recently resurfaced for me and I love it just as much now as I did when I first came across it, both from a colour pairing and styling perspective. A good sock-and-heels combo, though tough to actually pull off, gets me every time.