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Love Notes // Vol. 9

01 // We all have those bigger ticket items on our wish lists, and for me, it's a pastel Smeg fridge. The retro silhouette and candy-coloured hues are just so different from anything else that's out there, and I love the endless kitchen styling opportunities they would offer, like the pairing with the bright white and colourful accents. I may not be ready to invest in a fridge of my own, but I am thinking that the toaster may have to be my next kitchen purchase.

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01 // A colourful style guide. I'm still on a bit of a branding kick as I (slowly) continue with the Bicyclette rebrand and work on a few other exciting projects, and the design nerd in me is especially loving style guides and brand boards right now, which pull together all the graphic elements of a brand. The colour palette and branding for restaurant Calexico'sis right on point.

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