Love Notes // Vol. 9


01 // We all have those bigger ticket items on our wish lists, and for me, it's a pastel Smeg fridge. The retro silhouette and candy-coloured hues are just so different from anything else that's out there, and I love the endless kitchen styling opportunities they would offer, like the pairing with the bright white and colourful accents. I may not be ready to invest in a fridge of my own, but I am thinking that the toaster may have to be my next kitchen purchase.

02 // A new way to incorporate florals? Count me in! I've crafted a DIY floral heart already, but love the simplicity and layering possibilities of this project.

03 // Summer isn't quite over yet, and I plan on indulging in frozen treats until the very end. I haven't dived into the wonderful world of floats yet, but this Key Lime Coconut Ice Cream Float has me thinking it might be time to start dreaming up some recipes.

04 // I love coming across a pretty, simple DIY project that adds the perfect touch to a party or photo shoot, and these watercolour cloth napkins are such great option, with endless colour possibilities.

05 // An attention to detail and textures, a mix of different styles, and a playful eye - this is my idea of a perfectly styled room. 

06 // It's hard not to notice the hint of fall in the air these days, and I can't help but start to think of early fall styling, which is always my favourite. Faded pastels and light layers are the perfect way to ease into the transitional season.