Rock and Romance

ladylikepearls1 Over the past couple of weeks, Jason and I have started the process of apartment hunting, which is a simultaneously exciting and frustrating experience that I think we've all had the pleasure of experiencing at one time or another. We looked at an apartment this weekend that we immediately fell in love with, a space filled with natural light and exposed brick walls that we could see ourselves creating a home in, and as we sat down with the homeowners to get to get to know each other a bit better, she likened the experience to that of dating, and it struck me then that it really is similar. Those first date/viewing jitters, trying to determine if the qualities you read about or were told about will translate into a real connection, and whether that connection may lead somewhere longer term.

And just like you would put careful consideration into what you wear on a first date, I've been doing the same each time we set out to view a potential new apartment, and this skirt has become my go-to attire for the viewings. It's true to my personal style while also perfectly capturing a ladylike sophistication that I can't help but think would have a positive effect during the process. Dressing the part, playing up a certain quality of your character, just as you would don a costume for a specific role.

It's safe to say the midi skirt is easily a favourite style of mine, and though I've often paired this powder blue piece with a tee or a simple striped tank for a preppier feel, I love it dressed up a little with this perfectly pretty crop top as well. It also gave me the opportunity to pull out one of my all-time favourite necklaces, a wonderful mess of twisted pearls and crystal pieces that makes a major rock and romance statement.

ladylikepearls5ladylikepearls3ladylikepearls6ladylikepearls8ladylikepearls9ladylikepearls2ladylikepearls7Lady Pearl Crop Top // Lauren Elan Necklace // Topshop Midi Skirt (old)