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A Modern and Minimal Wreath DIY

It all started with an inspiration board and a little walk through my visual strategy process, and now here we are with my take on a modern, minimal wreath for the holidays. Perhaps a slightly different take on tackling holiday decor, but I've never claimed to do things the way that everyone else does, especially when it comes to exploring my creative process.

As you saw in that original post, I had seen a few themes start to emerge on the visual strategy canvas, and knew I wanted to create something that was modern and minimal, with gold and feathery details and a mix of sleek and natural textures. You can see a lot of the details from the original inspiration images I pulled start to show up in various ways in these wreaths, and I love this non-traditional take on such a classic holiday decor item. 

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DIY Tile Backdrop

I can hardly believe it, but here we are with the fifth and final instalment of the DIY backdrop series we've been working on for the past few weeks. If you're just popping in now, we started with a white wood backdrop in week one, following it with what might be my favourite DIY backdrop yet, a textured backdrop that we painted a dusty shade of pink and used for styling a floral flatlay for our second project. We then simplified things a little and turned to porcelain tiles for our marble backdrop, taking a break from the paintbrushes and drying time until the next one, where we took it back to my original DIY backdrop (and still a favourite go-to of mine), the solid coloured backdrop that's perfect for customizing with your shade of choice.

And that, my friends, brings us to today, as we wrap up this little styling series, with another more recent addition to my backdrop collection — the tile backdrop. 

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DIY Coloured Backdrop

Coloured backdrops will always hold a special place in my heart, as they were really my first foray into DIY backdrops for styling. It took me a little while to figure out what the best supplies to use were, but an exploratory trip to The Home Depot Canada and a couple test runs later, I had figured out a simple, low cost way to achieve a coloured backdrop that you could literally make in any paint colour. Hello, branded backdrops!  

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DIY Marble Backdrop

The third backdrop in this little DIY series we've been working on, this one's a little different since, well, it doesn't exactly require as much doing as the white wood backdrop and the textured styling backdrop.

I'm all about keeping things simple though, and marble is one of my favourite surfaces to shoot on, so I've been looking for different styles of marble and easier ways to capture detail shots without pulling out my larger marble slab (which also weighs a ton).

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DIY Textured Styling Backdrop

We started off this backdrop styling series last week with a white wood option, and for our second surface, we're using a new set of supplies from The Home Depot Canada to create a textured backdrop using plaster.

With a beautiful textured surface that you can customize to your liking and the opportunity to play with a colour palette of your choosing, this backdrop is a nice alternative to a solid coloured background that still gives you the opportunity to infuse a signature colour into your content. The texture creates a subtle, natural effect that is perfect for flatlays or those coveted detail shots that help tell a story. 

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DIY White Wood Backdrop

When it comes to styling, there are a number of decisions that need to be made to bring a photo concept to life, and one of the most important details that need to to be determined right off the bat is what backdrop you’re going to use. Helping to tell your story and quite literally setting the stage for your shot, your backdrop choice should not only tie in with your overall brand style, but also tie in and complement your subject matter without competing with it too much.

If you create your own content (or even if you work closely with a team in order to do so), it’s not a bad idea to build a styling toolkit that includes some go-to backdrops along with your props, which means you’ll always have them at the ready and can ensure some consistency throughout your visual content.

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DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Since summer offers so many opportunities for a little extra accessorizing and indulging in fancy cocktails, Breeyn and I have decided to tackle a few of the DIY projects and recipes that have been accumulating on our to-do lists recently. Not only does it give us an excuse to hang out and create pretty things, but we also end up with something that we get to enjoy afterwards, and nothing quite beats the feeling of "I made this!". We're talking serious bragging rights and lots of compliments. 

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DIY Silver Geometric Shapes

I’ve always found that creativity thrives most when limitations are set, and this has proven true when it comes to the wedding as well. For example, with a relatively tight budget and a location that requires us to have a tented wedding, it’s forced us to prioritize what the most important elements of the big day are and where we choose to spend our money, and also to think outside the box a little when it comes to transforming a standard tent into a setting that feels as though it’s a part of the forested grounds and captures that enchanted feeling we’ve identified as being part of our theme.

Which is where the DIYs come in.

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#PASTELCRAFTCLUB // A Flower Crown DIY with Lady Hayes

Festival season is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for flower crowns to shine! A fresh bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table can bring life to an entire household, but there’s something extra special about donning fresh seasonal florals on your head. The sweet scent that drifts around your head as the summer day drifts lazily into a starry summer night- there’s just nothing quite like it.

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DIY Tinsel Confetti Mug

The idea for this tinsel confetti mug hit me right after I made the tinsel straw embellishments for the Giggly Rose Cocktails for NYE. My counter was covered in shiny tinsel remnants after trimming the garlands, and instead of tossing the sparkly, confetti-like pieces into the garbage, I swept them into a plastic bag and figured they'd be perfect for something. You never know.

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Giggly Rose Cocktail

Besides the fact that this cocktail combines a few of my favourite ingredients, I must admit that it's really the name that I love the most: Giggly Rose Cocktail.  With both gin and champagne, it's not only a perfectly pretty cocktail that's fit to accompany any party dress, but also a slightly deadly one that'll be sure to get you in your dancing shoes and kissing that handsome stranger by midnight.

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A Simple Grid Inspiration Board for Your Workspace

In my last apartment, I was blessed with a section of wall that had cork board embedded in it upon moving in, so setting up my mandatory workspace inspiration board was about as easy as could be. When we moved to the new apartment a couple of months ago, that was one of the man features I knew I was going to miss (it's the little things, truly), and I started to keep my eyes out for alternatives that would fill that inspiration board need in the new workspace.

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DIY Lace Crown

I'll admit it - Halloween doesn't hold quite the charm for me that it used to. Similarly to New Years Eve, I tend to get more excited about the prospect of dressing up and dreaming up new projects and shoots for the holiday than I do about actually going out and celebrating. But that being said, I've often found myself with a need for an on-the-fly costume at the last minute, so I'm a firm believer in always having a few options on hand, which is where this idea for a DIY lace crown came from.

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