A Simple Grid Inspiration Board for Your Workspace

In my last apartment, I was blessed with a section of wall that had cork board embedded in it upon moving in, so setting up my mandatory workspace inspiration board was about as easy as could be. When we moved to the new apartment a couple of months ago, that was one of the man features I knew I was going to miss (it's the little things, truly), and I started to keep my eyes out for alternatives that would fill that inspiration board need in the new workspace.


Grid patterns have been popping up a lot recently, and I started to notice a number of workspace photos that used grid panels for displays in one way or another. And so, I hunted. I was initially looking for a large metal option that could cover an entire span of wall beside my desk, but didn't have too much luck and kept coming up empty. And then on a trip to Home Depot to swipe some paint chips (I love paint chips almost as much as inspiration boards), I stumbled across the home organization section, and these storage cubes. For a $25 investment, I figured the worst that would happen is I'd remain without an inspiration board and with a new closet storage system instead, so I took the risk.

And low and behold, they ended up fitting the bill perfectly. The smaller square size meant that I ended up hanging four of them in a square configuration using tiny white screw hooks, allowing me to organize my inspiration items a little systematically.