DIY Silver Geometric Shapes

When the wedding planning process first began for me, I knew that it would involve a few DIY projects, but it wasn’t until I did a little more inspiration hunting and put together a visual direction for the wedding that it became apparent to me what that might be.

I’ve always found that creativity thrives most when limitations are set, and this has proven true when it comes to the wedding as well. For example, with a relatively tight budget and a location that requires us to have a tented wedding, it’s forced us to prioritize what the most important elements of the big day are and where we choose to spend our money, and also to think outside the box a little when it comes to transforming a standard tent into a setting that feels as though it’s a part of the forested grounds and captures that enchanted feeling we’ve identified as being part of our theme.

Which is where the DIYs come in.

One of my non-negotiables from the very beginning has been flowers, choosing to work with Blush and Bloom on florals that feel like an extension of our location, with wild arrangements, non-traditional installations and lots of wild greenery. I wanted to pull that into the tent as well, with a vision of transforming the ceiling of the tent into a magical canopy that mimics that of a forest and also ties in our theme of twinkling stars and peering up at a night sky. We had already identified that disco balls and silver accents were to play a key role in the styling of the day, so I came up with an idea that would mimic the geometric shapes of constellations, incorporate pieces of greenery and use disco balls to create that twinkling effect, all resulting in a layered, multi-dimensional experience.

I made these years ago for a window display based off of this DIY, and I’m sharing the instructions for how to make silver geometric diamonds over on Style Me Pretty. It uses items you likely already have on hand or can easily pick up from the craft and hardware store, and with the simple additions of greenery, disco balls, or any other accents of your choosing, you’ll have an installation similar to the one I’m planning on putting together for our wedding.

Find the full DIY over on Style Me Pretty — and happy crafting!