DIY Coloured Backdrop

Coloured backdrops will always hold a special place in my heart, as they were really my first foray into DIY backdrops for styling. It took me a little while to figure out what the best supplies to use were, but an exploratory trip to The Home Depot Canada and a couple test runs later, I had figured out a simple, low cost way to achieve a coloured backdrop that you could literally make in any paint colour available to you. Hello, branded backdrops! 

Perfect for adding a pop of colour into your photos and tying it in to your brand colours or keeping content on theme depending on what you're working on, I've always loved the options that a custom coloured backdrop offers. And keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to go with a bright colour — I have a few on hand that are painted in various neutral shades (think dove grey or a warm sandy tone) that I often use as well as an alternative to white. Since we're creating these backdrops as part of this little series though, I wanted to stick with the same colour palette that I've been using along the way for consistency — so pink it was! 


  • Hardboard — The same as the one I used for the textured backdrop, except this time I used the option that is white (and lightly textured) on one side, which I like when I'm painting directly on the board. It's also good to note that you can paint over the brown side as well, making for a great two-tone, double-sided backdrop. I went for my usual 2'x4' size here.
  • Paint Samples — Pick out your colour and grab them in the mini sample pots, with a matte finish. I opted for the middle pink tone from the textured backdrop I had done before, since I already had it on hand.
  • Mini Roller Kit — These are my favourite, as they're the perfect size for the boards, and reusable, so you can always stock up on extra rollers down the road.
  • Drop cloth


Step No. 1 — Pour Your Paint Into The Tray and Start Rolling!

This is another pretty simple DIY project, so we only really have a couple of steps to follow. First of all we're going to pour our sampler pot of paint into our tray. I find these are the perfect size to fully cover our board, plus have some extra left for spot painting any areas we've missed, or tucking away the pot for touchups later on in case our backdrop gets marked up a little. 


Move the roller through the paint until it's fully coated, and then start applying the paint to your board in an even layer, fully covering one side. 

I find that depending on the colour, I usually only need one coat, but keep in mind that you can always go back and add a second coat, so you don't want the paint to go on too heavily.


Step No. 2 — Wait for the paint to dry and touch up if necessary

Now all you have to do is wait for your coat of paint to fully dry, and if you notice any uneven areas or spots that aren't fully covered, touch those up. 

And that's it! You're now equipped with a coloured backdrop in a colour of your choice. 


This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada.  All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.