DIY Marble Backdrop

The third backdrop in this little DIY series we've been working on, this one's a little different since, well, it doesn't exactly require as much doing as the white wood backdrop and the textured styling backdrop.

I'm all about keeping things simple though, and marble is one of my favourite surfaces to shoot on, so I've been looking for different styles of marble and easier ways to capture detail shots without pulling out my larger marble slab (which also weighs a ton).

Enter, the marble finish polished porcelain tiles from The Home Depot Canada. The ones I chose were the largest size I could find, at 12x24", and I grabbed two of them, at $5.56 each. A steal! They have a white background with minimal dark veins running through them, creating a beautiful clean finish that doesn't compete too much with whatever it is you're shooting. 

Since these tiles aren't the largest, they're definitely better for shooting smaller scenes and close-up details, which is what I used them for here — though you could also lay them side by side to create a larger surface area, you'd just have to be ok with the lines. 


Another way to use them is to lean one against the wall vertically and keep the other horizontal on the ground or on a larger surface (you'll notice I'm using my white wood backdrop underneath since it's larger). This gives you a lovely little kitchen-like setup that's great for shooting from the front (as opposed to flatlays).

And there you have it — porcelain tiles for a simple marble-look backdrop that is cheaper than the real thing, easier to move around and perfect for luxe detail shots. The perfect little backdrop hack, if you ask me!


This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada.  All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.