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Veiled Romance

Concepts for creative shoots can originate from many different places, and oftentimes how a shoot came to be is just as much part of the story as the final shots themselves or the overall concept.

Such is the case for today's creative, born out of a full day studio rental with only a half day shoot scheduled, it started from a quick email to Scarlet: " we have the studio for the day — should we try to shoot another creative as well?" A quick inspiration board and a few emails later, and we had secured a few collaborators and an idea of the direction we wanted to go in, with an intention to leave some room to play on set and explore creatively. Because in my mind, that's always when the real magic happens. 

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DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Since summer offers so many opportunities for a little extra accessorizing and indulging in fancy cocktails, Breeyn and I have decided to tackle a few of the DIY projects and recipes that have been accumulating on our to-do lists recently. Not only does it give us an excuse to hang out and create pretty things, but we also end up with something that we get to enjoy afterwards, and nothing quite beats the feeling of "I made this!". We're talking serious bragging rights and lots of compliments. 

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How this dress designer developed a clear vision for her brand, complete with sparkly details and custom icons

Breeyn works one-on-one with her clients to design and create custom bridal and evening dresses, and with a love for twirl-worthy dresses and sparkly details that may rival my own, her work is breathtakingly stunning and truly one of a kind. Needless to say, I'm still girl crushing on her pretty hard these days, and feel lucky to continue to work with her in a variety of contexts.

When she reached out to me last spring after I officially relaunched Studio Bicyclette, she was looking for some help with creating a cohesive brand strategy for her eponymous custom dress label, and so we started working together on her overall creative direction. Fast forward to a few months later and the launch of the Visual Strategy Masterclass, and Breeyn signed up for that as well in an effort to further dive in to her brand strategy and continue the work that we had done together. 

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Winter White

When it comes to style, I believe that rules are made to be broken, and the old "no white after Labour Day" mentality is one such example. Whereas summer is all about the little white dress and that perfect tissue thin white tee, when those first winter snowflakes start to fall and the temperature drops, I find myself coveting ivory knits in order to channel my inner ice queen and fully embrace the season.

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