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Beauty School Dropout

Over the past few months, Abby and I have been exploring a new topic and passion project of ours — beauty. And today’s the day we “officially” launch our new series into the world — Beauty School Dropout.

We chose the name Beauty School Dropout because of the slightly badass connotation and this idea that we admittedly don’t really know what we’re talking about — and I think in this case, that works to our advantage. Beauty is such a universal concept and touches us all in some way, but for so many of us, we’re navigating our relationship with beauty on our own terms and figuring it out as we go, learning what works for us, what our interpretation is.

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Minimal Holiday Decor Inspiration

With the holidays quickly sneaking up on us and it being December and all, it felt appropriate for this month's creative exploration to be focused on something, well — holiday focused, and since a tree is usually the extent of our decorating, I figured this would be a good chance to challenge myself to do a little something extra this year. At the same time, I've been craving simplicity in all facets of my life, from my wardrobe to my calendar to my home, so the idea of adding more stuff (read: tacky holiday decorations) kind of felt like the opposite of what I'm currently working towards. 

Thus, a challenge emerged — to add a little holiday flair to our apartment without acquiring more bits and baubles and while supporting my newfound craving for minimalism. Something simple that still feels special (and relatively festive), that would maybe even last beyond the holiday season without feeling like it passed an expiration date. 

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Styling a Tablescape with Pink and Gold Details

It started with a folder of inspiration images on my desktop and a gravitation towards a fall-toned colour palette filled with dusty pink and golden details, and after taking it through my creative process and dissecting it a little bit, it started to take form as a tablescape design.

You could file “host dinner (or brunch) parties” alongside a few other adult activities that I wish were actually part of my reality, so maybe this can be considered a trial run of sorts? 

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Exploring the Creative Process with a Fall Color Palette

Back in September, when I started to settle back into my normal routine a little, I found myself starting to collect inspiration images that felt distinctly fall-like — though with a Studio Bicyclette angle, of course. It didn’t take long before I found myself with a desktop folder full of saved images and a board dedicated to this new direction, and I started to notice some patterns in what I had found myself attracted to — rich textures, warm hues with a prevalence of brassy golds, deep yellows and dusty pinks, a hint of darkness, and some shadow play that resulted in a moodiness that felt appropriate with the seasonal shift.

With no real outcome in mind for this collection of inspiration images (usually I put together moodboards with a specific project or client in mind), I realized that I had the opportunity here to turn this into something “just for fun” — which brings us here.

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Veiled Romance

Concepts for creative shoots can originate from many different places, and oftentimes how a shoot came to be is just as much part of the story as the final shots themselves or the overall concept.

Such is the case for today's creative, born out of a full day studio rental with only a half day shoot scheduled, it started from a quick email to Scarlet: " we have the studio for the day — should we try to shoot another creative as well?" A quick inspiration board and a few emails later, and we had secured a few collaborators and an idea of the direction we wanted to go in, with an intention to leave some room to play on set and explore creatively. Because in my mind, that's always when the real magic happens. 

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Mornings with Dancers // Creative Shoot with Fortnight Lingerie

You never really know where a concept for a photoshoot is going to come from. It could be a single inspiration image, a specific item that brings to mind an entire story that you feel compelled to tell,  or a collaborator with their own unique point of view that spins its own narrative. 

And when you start to layer on different styles and mindsets of each and every person involved, that’s where the real magic happens, and it’s one of the reasons I love collaborating so much

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Fall in Loversland

There's a certain romance about fall that can't be replicated, a feeling in the crisp autumn air and a whisper of magic in the changing colours of the leaves. It was that essence that Steph and I wanted to capture in our  creative shoot with Loversland as a followup to our Girl Crush feature, blurring the line between fashion and bridal, and carrying that from the studio to winding country roads.

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