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Fall in Loversland

There's a certain romance about fall that can't be replicated, a feeling in the crisp autumn air and a whisper of magic in the changing colours of the leaves. It was that essence that Steph and I wanted to capture in our  creative shoot with Loversland as a followup to our Girl Crush feature, blurring the line between fashion and bridal, and carrying that from the studio to winding country roads.

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Girl Crush // Loversland

Imagine finding a companion that is your best friend, knows when you need that poetic morning text message (a heart emoji has replaced the love letter) and will forever be your travel partner. I heard the term soulmate referred to as a ‘travel partner’ and thought it was such an awesome substitute. We are all travelling our specific paths in life but then you can find someone that wants to travel with you, how beautiful is that.

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