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Secrets to Styling Your Wedding Tablescape

I've seen a few sneak peeks of the wedding day itself thanks to impromptu texts from Scarlet that  always leave me giddy with excitement, but I'll save those for when we get our full gallery back and I can share the full story of how how our day unfolded. Intrigued yet? Trust me, I'm right there with you. But for now, we'll work backwards a little bit, starting with the last post I did on Style Me Pretty that covered my secrets for styling a wedding tablescape, with five tips and a sneak peek at the mockup we did to bring my vision to life. 

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Mornings with Dancers // Creative Shoot with Fortnight Lingerie

You never really know where a concept for a photoshoot is going to come from. It could be a single inspiration image, a specific item that brings to mind an entire story that you feel compelled to tell,  or a collaborator with their own unique point of view that spins its own narrative. 

And when you start to layer on different styles and mindsets of each and every person involved, that’s where the real magic happens, and it’s one of the reasons I love collaborating so much

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Strawberry Full Moon Party

This year the full moon landed on the summer solstice, a rare occurrence and a beautiful time to celebrate this majestic moon. For this special event, we partnered with Ana Alic to create a styled photoshoot drawing inspiration from the strawberry moon, tying in the elements and imagery of the moon, the mystics, and the shades of summer pink, designing a garden party full of these details.

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