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Veiled Romance

Concepts for creative shoots can originate from many different places, and oftentimes how a shoot came to be is just as much part of the story as the final shots themselves or the overall concept.

Such is the case for today's creative, born out of a full day studio rental with only a half day shoot scheduled, it started from a quick email to Scarlet: " we have the studio for the day — should we try to shoot another creative as well?" A quick inspiration board and a few emails later, and we had secured a few collaborators and an idea of the direction we wanted to go in, with an intention to leave some room to play on set and explore creatively. Because in my mind, that's always when the real magic happens. 

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Mornings with Dancers // Creative Shoot with Fortnight Lingerie

You never really know where a concept for a photoshoot is going to come from. It could be a single inspiration image, a specific item that brings to mind an entire story that you feel compelled to tell,  or a collaborator with their own unique point of view that spins its own narrative. 

And when you start to layer on different styles and mindsets of each and every person involved, that’s where the real magic happens, and it’s one of the reasons I love collaborating so much

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Behind the Scenes // From Inspiration Board to Visual Strategy

I started exploring the idea of developing a toolkit and a process that both streamlines my own client workand could be used by someone who wants to create a visual strategy for themselves. I've been working hard at fine-tuning that and developing it into something that I can share with you through a course, and - cue the confetti! - it's almost there. Today I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes peek at what that looks like. 

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