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A Dress for the Dreamers

When it comes to a heatwave, there's nothing that can compete with a little summer dress. I like mine simple and breezy, and recently have found myself gravitating towards black and white options that let me dress it up or down and play with accessories or add a bright lip. Perfect for work-at-home days, meetings or errand-running, versatility is key, and when the weather is as hot as it has been these past few weeks, I'll take as little fabric as possible, thank you very much. 

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Toronto Fashion Week Through the Bicyclette Lens

Toronto Fashion Week hit the city a couple of weeks ago, and to rep Bicyclette, we sent Abby to the tents this season and had her capture some of her favourite designers that we thought fit with the Bicyclette brand. Spring was always my favourite season to buy for when I had the boutique, and I share the same sentiment when it comes to the runway shows, whether we're pulling inspiration from the collections, or starting to think about our own styling projects for upcoming seasons.

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Girl Crush // Loversland

Imagine finding a companion that is your best friend, knows when you need that poetic morning text message (a heart emoji has replaced the love letter) and will forever be your travel partner. I heard the term soulmate referred to as a ‘travel partner’ and thought it was such an awesome substitute. We are all travelling our specific paths in life but then you can find someone that wants to travel with you, how beautiful is that.

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