Girl Crush // Loversland

Imagine finding a companion that is your best friend, knows when you need that poetic morning text message (a heart emoji has replaced the love letter) and will forever be your travel partner. I heard the term soulmate referred to as a ‘travel partner’ and thought it was such an awesome substitute. We are all travelling our specific paths in life but then you can find someone that wants to travel with you, how beautiful is that. 

The ladies behind the ultra cool, approachable and beautiful bridal oasis Loversland get it. They created a space and destination for those kinds of lovers. The lovers that want to celebrate the decision to travel through life together. Every couple is different, every bride has their own style and Loversland is a place for the individual, a place to find the perfect elements to create a breathtaking day that is uniquely you. Romantic love is a mystical thing, it makes us feel new and alive, safe and unafraid and makes our dreams worth fighting for. And if you find it your soul rejoices and relishes in life’s scariest and most beloved battle.

We talk about all sorts of ‘lovestuff’ with the ladies from Loversland in this week’s Girl Crush, and took a peek behind the scenes with photographer Steph Martyniuk, capturing the three women behind the brand and finding all sorts of lovely treasures on the racks and shelves of the Ossington boutique.


What inspired the cool, approachable and ultra fashionable bridal boutique, Loversland? And we love the name, how did you come up with it?

After many many hours of brainstorming! We did have help from Yvonne’s fiancé Matt, who is in the creative world. He was inspired by a blog post from years ago. Together, we came up with the name and thought it painted nice a picture of a land inclusive of all Lovers.

You have created a stunning bridal oasis that inspires as soon as you walk through the doors. How did the vibe and the philosophy behind the brand come together, and what was the most important aspect of creating the space? Also that tent!! What a dream.

We along with the CASTOR team came up with the concept and aesthetic. They were amazing to work with. They were able to help us create a welcoming and fresh environment that wasn’t too feminine. We didn’t want the space to be just for women.

Loversland is very much a bridal concept store in that it appeals to many customers, not just brides. Can you tell us a little about why you chose this approach, and who the Loversland girl is?

We just wanted to provide a different bridal experience. We felt that there was something missing. The fashion / art scene has progressed so much in our city and we felt inspired to join that progression. To give Toronto couples a place to walk in and get inspired for their future weddings, big or small.

What is it like running your own business; the fears and the joys? What is the best advice you received before opening up shop?

It’s a lot of work! but very satisfying to be working for ourselves. The biggest challenge would be to stay focused on the future of the shop and brand and not get side tracked by the day to day running of the shop. But our best advise would be to work hard and surround yourself with great people!

When you were little girls what was your vision for your wedding? How has that changed, and can you describe your dream wedding now?

To be honest, none of us ever really dreamt of our weddings as kids. I know that sounds lame, we were chicks that always appreciated fashion and knew that our weddings would be stylish & non-traditional. Our current dream weddings would be a sultry elopement in a great dress!

What would be your styling advice to women attending a fall wedding?

Have fun with layers. Bring in some of your personal / everyday accessories to keep you warm on the day or evening. A punch of colour is always a good idea, even in your lipstick.

What would you say are the most romantic places in Toronto?

Wherever you and your lover are together.

Any favourite romantic places to travel to?

Your bedroom, listening to old soul music. But, the island is pretty dreamy too!

“The fire and excitement may be gone now that we don’t go out there and sing them anymore, but the ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout.” - Love letter from Johnny Cash to June Cash.

Photos: Steph Martyniuk

Ana is an actress and writer and host of the blog series Girl Crush. She loves hanging with her friends, finding the best vintage pieces and travelling to every small town. You can follow her musings over on her blog and instagram.