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Think Pink

All it takes is one quick scroll through my Instagram feed to realize that my love for the colour pink runs pretty deep. The truth is, it hasn't always been this way. I had the obligatory childhood obsession with the rosy hue, sure, but then there were many years where I doubt I owned a stitch of pink, opting instead for anything that supported my wannabe surfer girl status (#bluecrushforever).

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How Embracing a Capsule Wardrobe has Inspired a Shift in My Style and Business

In the past week or so, I’ve started to feel this shift both in my business and in my wardrobe, so I’ve been stealing moments to simultaneously address both. If you consider that my background is in fashion and that styling is still at the core of my business, there’s this natural overlap that happens for me, not only because these are two passions of mine, but also because I’d like to think that Bicyclette has always had an element of lifestyle brand to it.

I have this little clothing rack in the studio that I initially bought in order to have a dedicated spot for clothes during photoshoots, but it’s use has shifted a little recently, as I’ve found myself inadvertently starting to build what I suppose you could consider a capsule wardrobe.

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