Let's Get Hitched // Wedding Inspiration

March, for a lot of people, means that wedding madness begins, and this year we're jumping right into this crazy and romantic world, fuelling today's wedding inspiration post. First up is our March lookbook, which - you guessed it! - has a bridal theme with a Bicyclette twist. We've found that a lot of our customers come to us for wedding style advice, whether they're in the wedding party itself or attending as a guest, and since we'd like to think we specialize in party dresses and special pieces with that je ne sais quoi, this is right up our alley. We have our first meeting with Scarlet O'Neill, who will be shooting the lookbook, this evening to start planning out the details, but of course we've already started gathering inspiration and pulling together some ideas of our own.

We're also thrilled to be part of Lovestruck Expo this year, styling the bridesmaids for the Faux Wedding, which promises to be a blast. The Berkeley Church will be transformed into a big, beautiful faux reception and ceremony by the Lovestruck team, followed by an open house expo, during which we'll be sharing a booth with Beaus & Belles Photobooth Co., on-hand to chat about bridesmaids options and any other questions you may have for us. The show is described as "an intimate tradeshow comprised of vendors who have been specifically invited to share their work based on an abundance of talent, individual style, positive energy and genuine passion for creating outside the box events", and we're happy be sharing the floor with a lot of our favourite local industry professionals.

So, without further ado, we invite you to peek into our world and take a look at our wedding inspiration.








J. Crew | Wedding Event Photo by Bryan Derballa49b83f64a2c200646a4c1746050c5dd3