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Iced Beauty Latte

Do you ever stop to think about how everything you put in your body has the potential to help improve your skin?

We do — and it might have to do with our obsession with understanding our skin and how we can improve it, down to each and every choice we make. Or it might be the fact that we love simplicity and the easiest way to improve your skin is to look at what you are putting into your body (or, on the other side of the spectrum, avoiding).

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Beet Hummus

I've had a fascination with food and prop styling for awhile now, but haven't had much of a chance to play around it. I love to cook but I'm definitely a recipe follower, so creating food-related content has never really felt like a fit for me, and since this is new territory for me, it also comes with a little fear.

Until I decided to look at it a little differently — to focus more on the styling side of things and let the pros handle the recipes (for now).

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White Chocolate Drizzled Peach Popsicles

Though I'm all for a good styling challenge, I have to admit that every time I make popsicles and decide I want to photograph the recipe, I get a little stressed. For obvious reasons, shooting anything that melts proves to be difficult, as your time is limited before your subject matter isn't looking so pretty anymore. You don't have quite as much time to play around with your styling and rearrange your shot, so planning is key and moving fast is essential. 

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DIY Watercolour Painted Cookies

When Ana and I started planning our Strawberry Full Moon Party, we knew we wanted to incorporate an array of sweets, and decided to take on the challenge ourselves with a few specific ideas in mind. It was important that we tie in the themes - strawberries, moons, crystals and anything that had a mystic element to it - so we got to work brainstorming on how we could incorporate those throughout the shoot. 

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Violet Gin and Tonic

My love for gin and tonics definitely has a bit of nostalgia attached to it, as it’s always been my family’s happy hour drink of choice up at the cottage, and though I love the classic cocktail just as it is (with extra lime s’il vous plait!), recently I’ve been all about putting my own spin on it. 

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#PASTELCRAFTCLUB // Raw Vegan Lavender Blueberry Mini Tarts with Unbaked Cake Co.

Today is a very exciting day- Alyssa and I are launching a new series, and it’s all about learning from talented makers! We wanted to dream up something that would expand our skill set, teach our readers something new, and celebrate all of the incredible people creating in our city and beyond.

We call it the #PastelCraftClub, and it knows no limits!

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Coconut Mojito Smoothie

I must admit, this Coconut Mojito Smoothie is a slight departure from the healthy smoothie recipes I usually whip up, since it sips more like a dessert than anything. But any smoothie that reminds me of a tropical vacation (I swear if you close your eyes you'll almost be able to feel that sea breeze whispering through your hair) is fine by me. The balance of the rich, coconut creaminess with the fresh lime and mint is sure to delight your taste buds. And let's be honest, I think it's only fair to balance out all those green smoothies with one that's a little more decadent.

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Giggly Rose Cocktail

Besides the fact that this cocktail combines a few of my favourite ingredients, I must admit that it's really the name that I love the most: Giggly Rose Cocktail.  With both gin and champagne, it's not only a perfectly pretty cocktail that's fit to accompany any party dress, but also a slightly deadly one that'll be sure to get you in your dancing shoes and kissing that handsome stranger by midnight.

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Rosemary Grapefruit Cocktail

I've been on the hunt for fall cocktail recipes for a few weeks now, searching for an option that would capture that quintessential autumn taste in a glass and pair with the beautiful copper bar set that I picked up at BYOB Cocktail Emporium recently. And though at first glance this Rosemary Grapefruit Cocktail may not appear to be your typical fall drink, there's something about the flavour profile that felt really appropriate. Maybe it's the fact that I'm really a summer girl at heart, or it could be because our weather has actually been quite mild for the season.

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Love Notes // Vol. 9

01 // We all have those bigger ticket items on our wish lists, and for me, it's a pastel Smeg fridge. The retro silhouette and candy-coloured hues are just so different from anything else that's out there, and I love the endless kitchen styling opportunities they would offer, like the pairing with the bright white and colourful accents. I may not be ready to invest in a fridge of my own, but I am thinking that the toaster may have to be my next kitchen purchase.

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Love Notes // Vol. 8

01 // With the heatwave that we've been experiencing this past week, frozen treats have quickly become an integral part of our diet. I finally ordered a popsicle mold, so I've been on the hunt for new recipes to add to my arsenal. Though I usually opt for more fruity and refreshing popsicle options, these Funfetti Cake Batter Popsicles definitely sound like they'd hit the spot when you're looking for a dessert option.

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