Love Notes // Vol. 8


01 // With the heatwave that we've been experiencing this past week, frozen treats have quickly become an integral part of our diet. I finally ordered a popsicle mold, so I've been on the hunt for new recipes to add to my arsenal. Though I usually opt for more fruity and refreshing popsicle options, these Funfetti Cake Batter Popsicles definitely sound like they'd hit the spot when you're looking for a dessert option.

02 // My apartment is scattered with plants in every corner and adorning every available surface, and I'm always looking for new and creative ways to integrate them into my decor. When I came across this little DIY using Pretty Pegs to upgrade basic planters, I knew I had to add this project to the list, the perfect way to create a little cluster in a forgotten corner.

03 // If you don't already follow sfgirlbybay, you really must, as it's an amazing source of inspiration and she always shares the most beautiful interiors. This is basically my dream kitchen, with the copper accents (which you know I'm all about right now), the hints of pink and marble, and the little cacti scattered on the shelves.

04 // I've recently started working on branding projects for a few new clients, and have been especially tuned in to examples of simple, clean design, which is always the hardest to execute. This coffee shop branding does it right with the minimalist type treatment. And if you're looking for other inspiration for pretty packaging, this site is a great place to start.

05 // Pink fringe, need I say more? Though this may not be a style I'd wear myself, I'd love to use it for a shoot, like the desert shoot I've been dreaming of for awhile now.

06 // These past couple of weeks have been exceptionally busy, and unfortunately that means my eating habits tend to fall to the wayside, with less time to meal plan and cook, instead grabbing food on-the-go. Adding simple recipes like this dressed-up ramen to the daily rotation is the perfect medium.