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Nectarine and Thyme Jam Cocktail

I tend to think of myself as more of a summer cocktail gal, opting for light and fresh flavours whenever possible, and tending towards creations that aren’t too sweet and ideally include a note of floral or a hint of the bubbly. But when the temperatures drop, my palate shifts along with my craving for cozy fall sweaters, and I find myself drawn to new flavour combinations that mimic the changing fall colours and my desire for something a little on the spicier side.

So when I found myself in Kitten and the Bear a couple weeks ago with an array of delicious looking fall flavours in front of me, I decided that there was only one thing to do — challenge myself to craft a seasonal cocktail that would not only feel seasonally appropriate, but to tie in with our recent fall tablescape as our final detail, thus concluding this styling series.

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#PASTELCRAFTCLUB // Apricot Rose Jam with Kitten and the Bear

Our dear friend Sophie, aka the jam genius behind Kitten and the Bear, is sharing an Apricot Rose Jam recipe with us featuring all of her top secret tips and tricks for making the perfect confiture. Alyssa and I have both been swooning over Kitten and the Bear since the very day they opened their shop doors, and we can pretty much promise you've never tasted jam quite this good before. Everything Sophie and her marvellous husband Bobby touch truly turns to gold, and we're absolutely thrilled to be able to share a special recipe from their shop of wonders.

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Violet Gin and Tonic

My love for gin and tonics definitely has a bit of nostalgia attached to it, as it’s always been my family’s happy hour drink of choice up at the cottage, and though I love the classic cocktail just as it is (with extra lime s’il vous plait!), recently I’ve been all about putting my own spin on it. 

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Girl Crush // Sophie Kaftan of Kitten and the Bear

My great-grandmother spent most of her beautiful final years crocheting. We have a collection of hundreds of her designs, with intricate details that only patient and humble experience could produce these works of art. I transformed some of these pieces into delicate dream-catchers, a nod to my bohemian spirit and an homage to her craftsmanship.

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Embracing a Morning Routine

There are two things I can tell you about mornings: yes, they're hard, but there is hope.

Allow me to set the scene for you. My eyes are barely open before I'm reaching for my phone in order to make sure nothing incredibly important has happened in the online world since I fell asleep seven hours ago (eight on a good night), and my mind is already running a mile a minute with everything I need to do that day.

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