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Girl Crush // Christina of Fortnight Lingerie

Delicate craftsmanship, locally sourced, and traditional design are buzz words synonymous with the current trend of locally produced goods. With a world full of mass production and careless abundance, these trends are essential and the artisans behind them a needed troupe to change the landscape and bring beautiful and thoughtful design roots back into our communities. Fortnight Lingerie is a shining example of such; expertly crafted, passionately designed and lovingly created by designer and revolutionist (in our opinion!) Christina.

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Girl Crush // Sophie Kaftan of Kitten and the Bear

My great-grandmother spent most of her beautiful final years crocheting. We have a collection of hundreds of her designs, with intricate details that only patient and humble experience could produce these works of art. I transformed some of these pieces into delicate dream-catchers, a nod to my bohemian spirit and an homage to her craftsmanship.

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