DIY Tinsel Confetti Mug

The idea for this tinsel confetti mug hit me right after I made the tinsel straw embellishments for the Giggly Rose Cocktails for NYE. My counter was covered in shiny tinsel remnants after trimming the garlands, and instead of tossing the sparkly, confetti-like pieces into the garbage, I swept them into a plastic bag and figured they'd be perfect for something. You never know.

So when I came across a plain ceramic mug that was begging for a little bit of love, the leftover tinsel seemed like the perfect way to dress it up, while also putting those leftover holiday decorations to good use.


Materials // 

Ceramic mug
Craft glue (regular white glue is fine too)
Mod Podge
Tinsel garland
Paint brush


1 // Trim your garland, cutting a variety of lengths of tinsel pieces. I laid out a piece of parchment paper underneath to catch all the tiny pieces for easy clean up afterwards.


2 // Paint a thin layer of craft glue onto your mug.

3 // Sprinkle the tinsel confetti over the mug. Using the brush, pat down the pieces that may stick up, making sure everything is laying flat and stuck on well. Allow the glue to dry and wash out your brush.


4 // Once the glue is dry, paint over the mug with a layer of Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely.