You Put a Spell On Me

spellteepastelskirt4 I've never really been one for attempting to classify my style, and when asked the dreaded "what three words would you use to describe your personal style", I always kind of freeze. When it comes down to it, I think that my style is best represented by the fact that it's not easily classified, but instead nods to a variety of influences. The concept behind Bicyclette has always been street style meets fairy tale or downtown with a touch of whimsy, and that very much influences my aesthetic no matter what I'm doing, whether that's styling an outfit, dreaming up a photo shoot, or designing a layout. Sure, I love pretty things and believe that glitter is always a good idea, but contrast that with bold black and white print or toss on a leather jacket, and now we're talking. Style to me is personal, it's not about wearing a great outfit but looking the same as everyone else, it's about telling a story and showcasing who you are.

That all being said, this outfit is a pretty perfect representation of my style: a feminine skirt in the prettiest pastel shade, a vintage-inspired tee (this one in particular just happens to be my all-time favourite), a worn-in leather jacket that I've had for over six years, and a pair of statement earrings to add just a dash of sparkle.

spellteepastelskirt6spellteepastelskirt11spellteepastelskirt7spellteepastelskirt12spellteepastelskirt18spellteepastelskirt10 spellteepastelskirt3 spellteepastelskirt2spellteepastelskirt9spellteepastelskirt20Spell & the Gypsy Collective Tee // Topshop Skirt (old) // Costa Blanca Leather Jacket (old)

Photos: Jason Matos