Bridal Party Pampering at Her Majesty's Pleasure

I'd be lying if I said I didn't find wedding planning a little overwhelming, and with over a year still to go until the big day, there are a lot of pieces I still have to put together. Finding inspiration and dreaming up ideas are the fun part, of course, and I've been doing that for years already, long before I said "yes" to Jason and the sparkly ring that now adorns my finger. When it comes to booking vendors, deciding on details months ahead of time, working out the logistics of an out-of-town wedding, and crunching numbers for a budget, however, that's when the overwhelm sets in.

So when the team at Her Majesty's Pleasure invited me and a few of my girlfriends to try out their bridal services for a little styled shoot complete with manicures and fancy cocktails, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a step back and focus on the other side of wedding planning, celebrating with those you love, and having the day captured by the oh-so-talented  Scarlet O’Neill.

The space at Her Majesty's Pleasure is a dream to begin with, a mix between a spa/salon and cocktail bar, with marble countertops, copper details and beautiful natural light that leaves you wishing you could spend all day there. Their team will help you bring your nail art dreams to life - I settled for a chic white nail with a reverse french mani in rose gold this time around - all while sipping one of their specialty cocktails and gossiping with your girlfriends. 

The final verdict? It's the perfect way to spend a girls day, or any day you need to treat yourself, really. 

Photos by Scarlet O’Neill
Styling, florals, and direction by Alyssa Garrison
Treats provided by Colette Grand Café
Jam Favours by Kitten and the Bear
Location provided by Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Models: Alex PerlinAmanda Lynn HatchEmily Coutts and Alyssa Garrison.