Whimsical with a Minimalist Twist

It's a simple concept, but there's a distinct value to remaining true to your style when it comes to branding or any sort of visual strategy, outfits included

For example, I love the look of minimal, clean design - think sleek black and whites with subtle hints of metallic finishes and luxe details. I'm drawn to this style in graphic and web design, decor inspiration, and also fashion, and yet I'd hesitate to use any of those words to describe the Studio Bicyclette brand or my personal style. Sure, there are elements in there, but they're juxtaposed with the dreamy, whimsical imagery and pops of pretty pastels, and it's this mix that has come to represent the quintessential and recognizable Bicyclette style. 

So though I appreciate that minimalistic style and have definitely tried to incorporate it into outfits and designs in the past, you're more apt to find me mixing simple silhouettes with bubblegum pink, a classic striped tee adorned with red lips and yes, a dash of sparkle and a bright lip. 

Zara Pink Skirt // Striped Tee (old) // Leather Jacket (old) // Aldo Accessories Earrings

Photos // Jason Matos