Love Notes // Vol. 19

01 // This time of year is one of my favourites, when neighbourhood walks are filled with flowers and garden-scouting, and the city starts to come alive, whether it's a busy downtown street or a lazy residential 'hood. I've been spending as much time as possible outside, relishing my morning dog walks as a time to hunt for garden inspiration and pick out dream homes. A few weeks ago I planted the gardens up at our family cottage, and our little patio has also quickly been filled with as much greenery and bursts of bright florals as possible.

02 // Everything about this. I've been opting towards skirt and blouse pairings recently, and the mix of buttoned up chic on top with a little fancy shimmer on the bottom pretty much sums up my sartorial tastes these days. Also, the slightly messy 60s hair with a bold lip is all kinds of amazing. 

03 // When it comes to design inspiration, I'm still loving dreamy imagery juxtaposed with graphic elements and a little bit of edge. I have business cards and a few other projects in the works right now, so you'll definitely be seeing this style popping up around here soon. 

04 // The dappled light in this image just screams summer to me, as does the simple outfits and bright whites. Nothing like a fresh white tee as a summer essential. I've been thinking a lot of past Bicyclette projects and missing the lookbook shoots we used to do a lot, so it might be time to dream up another styled shoot soon.

05 // Ignoring the price tag, this is one print I'd absolutely love to have in our apartment. The magic of quartz and it's iridescent qualities, and the beauty of those colours. 

06 // I'm always seeking out the perfect blonde, and as the time to pay the salon a visit approaches, I've been especially tuned in to different shades. I'm always drawn to cooler tones, and FIGTNY's colour is currently topping my list. Not too light, airing on the ashy side and not too far from my natural shade, I'm thinking this might be the goal of my next visit. Also - breezy off-the-shoulder tops and pale tortoiseshell frames - yes, please.