Blushing Beauty

For the past couple weeks we have been gearing up for 'Wedding Season' at the shop. We shot our first wedding inspired look book and will also be participating in the Love Struck Expo this Sunday, all of which is very exciting. Through talking with many brides and bridesmaids this year we have gathered that blushes and ivories are definitely 'in' this season, and we couldn't be happier about that. We have always had a love affair with the femininity of the blush palette.  We believe it's a great combo for a wedding ceremony because it has an airy feel to it and seems to be extra romantic with it's delicate and vintage feel.

We’re always pulling inspiration for shoots, merchandising palettes and our own personal styling and always feel drawn to this romantic combo. There is something so captivating and haunting about some of the photographs we've collected for this post that has us dreaming of afternoons spent in a comfy chair, reading and drinking hot tea, travelling solo to Paris to people watch and spending summer days daydreaming under big oak trees. In terms of decor it's also a great relaxing palette as well and always has a fresh look to it. We often have a dedicated rack for all clothes in those colours and it's always the one that catches our eye the most.

When it comes to the Bicyclette Girls, this combo is definitely 'Chloe's' favourite with her head in the clouds, and a penchant for all things feminine, whimsical and vintage inspired. She doesn't mind embracing her feminine side and we often see Chloe in a blush tutu with pear details, an ivory lace top and a soft pink lip. We imagine her apartment full of pretty pastels, ivory crochet sheets and vintage pink pillows.