Love Notes // Vol. 23

1 // I’m not sure if it’s the delicate lace, the hint of sparkle, or the mermaid worthy styling of this dress from the Chanel spring 2014 couture collection, but it’s been infiltrating my inspiration boards for awhile now, first as I was working on the Studio B rebrand, and now as I plan my wedding. I’m currently trying to dream up ways I can incorporate this iridescent quality without it being over the top, but it’s definitely one element that’s been defining certain aspects of the styling, so you can expect to see hints of it in one way or another.

2 // As I wrap up a few client branding projects and get ready to start on a few new ones, I find myself going back to some of my favourite typography samples for inspiration, and this is one such piece that has been on my boards for what feels like forever. It represents that style that I love so much — the delicate balanced with the bold, and the perfect graphic complement to whimsical imagery.

3 // I’ll be sharing some exciting details about the wedding in the next couple of weeks, but I can guarantee you that one secret I’ve been keeping involves all things white and lacy, so naturally I’ve been training my eye to pick out the best frothy fabrics and silhouettes. Need I say more?

4 // I always veer towards interesting crops, odd angles and playing with composition in photos, as I’m a firm believer that by challenging yourself to think “outside the box” (which I almost mean literally here…), you end up with a more dynamic image. This whole photo series captured my attention for exactly those reasons, with simple styling and an epic location setting the stage for a quirky and evocative story.

5 // If I’m being totally honest, I haven’t worn a stitch of makeup in five days, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a sparkly eye during the holiday season, and chunky glitter liner will always have a special place in my sparkle-loving heart. It might be time to add a little something extra into my routine, after all.

6 // Dreamy colour palettes with a beautiful sheer quality thanks to these layered discs with just a hint of iridescence. Has me dreaming of clear blue oceans and sparkling sand beaches, and I know — there seems to be a consistent colour theme popping up, which I’ll blame on an eye that’s tuned into one project in particular right now.