Introducing Spell Bride

SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78711 There's been a movement in the bridal industry recently that celebrates simplicity and a more relaxed aesthetic, appealing to brides that crave a more laid back aesthetic and don't necessarily fit the mould of cupcake dresses and Pinterest-perfect details that have come to be excepted as the norm, leaving many weddings looking like replicas of each other.

When we talked to Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride last year, it was clear that she was on to something with her alternative bridal haven in NYC, and since then, I've watched some of my favourite designers enter into the bridal scene with visions of their own, offering designs that are special and unique for those who are looking for something a little different. And really, isn't that what it's all about?

Being drawn to more whimsical wedding inspiration as of late, with layers of delicate sheer ivory and cascading lace catching my eye and causing me to dream of my own wedding some day, I was immediately swept away with the new Spell Bride collection. A small capsule collection comprising of three pieces - the Casablanca Halter Gown, the Canyon Moon Dress and the Canyon Moon Duster - the pieces are simple, beautiful and wildly romantic. Perfect for helping to tell a love story of your own.

Walking down that sandy aisle, barefoot. Luxe lace, a trail behind her in the sand, A dreamer, eternally following her heart, Adventure and beauty in every breath. Drifting in and out of this era and that, Salty hair from this mornings swim, he waits. Love comes first.

SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8528SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8605SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7695 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8720SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77651SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78451 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78091SpellBride_Duster-7523SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7662SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-76461

Photos via Spell Designs