Love Notes // Vol. 22

It was bound to happen eventually: A Love Notes post dedicated solely to wedding inspiration. We are less than nine months away from the big day now, which means that many of the bigger decisions have already been made and I'm starting to spend more time dreaming up the details. In other words, this is where the magic happens!

I still haven't completely decided how much I'll be sharing on the blog, trying to figure out where that line between brand and personal falls, but in a lot of ways, the styling the wedding will be another creative project for me, essentially following the process I use in creating a visual strategy, complete with inspiration boards and all that, so we'll see. Another instance of work and "real life" crossing over, and a testament to building a true lifestyle brand, when designing a colour palette or picking flowers is truly just another typical day "on the job"!

01 // It's likely I've shared this painting before, and it also has been appearing on pretty much every inspiration board I've created recently, but in the case of the wedding, it's really lending itself to the colour palette, and that iridescent quality is something that I'm planning on integrating into the details.  

02 // I've barely started the process of dress shopping, but I have a pretty clear idea of what I'm looking for, and - surprise surprise! - it's not exactly traditional. I've been piecing together inspiration from a number of different styles and sources, and I'm still not completely if I'll end up finding the dream dress in a boutique or if I'll be going the custom route. There's a certain vibe captured here that is definitely along the lines of what I'm drawn to - floral lace, sheer details and a touch of the unexpected. 

03 // Flowers are one of the pieces of the wedding puzzle that I'm the most excited to work on, and so I've been playing around with a number of ideas for bringing my vision to life. I do love the idea of lots of small vessels to hold tiny bouquets and single buds as shown here, so that's one option I'm currently considering. 

04 // Though I haven't paid it too much thought yet, when I saw this ring, it gave me some ideas for a wedding band, which we'll also be custom designing with a local jeweller, as we did for my engagement ring. I really love this asymmetric style, and I can see how we could incorporate one the elements of our theme into it. But more on that later!

05 // One of the very first decisions that we made was that our wedding was going to be held at my family cottage, a property that I've grown up spending my summers at and one of my very favourite places. It definitely will impact the overall style of the wedding, but I love that we get to celebrate at a location that holds so many memories and magic, and I'm just starting to envision how the lake will offer the perfect backdrop for the day. 

06 // You didn't really that I could essentially design and throw a huge party without disco balls, did you?! They serve as a pretty key piece of the overall theme I've dreamt up, and I'm just now starting to play around with some creative ideas for how to incorporate them into the overall design, which I can't wait to play around with - which is exactly the type of thing I'd be showing sneak peeks of if I do document the wedding planning process on here, so feel free to weigh in if this is something you'd like to see!