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The Psychology of Colour and Choosing a Palette for Your Brand

Colour plays an important role when it comes to defining your visual strategy, and since we already talked about styling your brand and the role of a visual strategy, I thought it would be good to dive into the psychology of colour a little more.

Not only is colour important for your brand identity, but it's also something you'll want to pay attention to when you're creating your brand imagery. It's why we tend to be drawn to specific accounts on Instagram, for example, because they've identified a colour palette and have created a consistent instagram brand presence through their use of colour

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Using Colour to Create a Consistent Instagram Brand Presence

When it comes to branding, the ultimate goal for my Instagram feed - or any touchpoint of the Studio Bicyclette brand, really - is to create consistent imagery that is instantly recognizable, standing out in our followers’ feed regardless of whether or not our profile pic or name is associated with it. That brand recognition is invaluable.

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