Girl Crush // Tiffany Pratt


Tiffany Pratt is not only a designer but a creative soul. She lives her life creating beautiful works, spaces, and objects because there is an energy in her that needs to be released and shared; it is her birthright. She epitomizes the mantra of living the life you design for yourself, and because of that she has used her gifts to serve others in creating a beautiful world for them. No project is to big or challenging, for  Tiffany it is always, “ Don’t give up. Dont forget who you are. Dont let anyone tell you what you need.” Her work is vast and expanding and always comes from a place of honesty and authenticity. We are immensely inspired by the way she always shows the world who she really is and the wonders that she can create, and for all of those reasons she is this week’s Girl Crush.


You are a maverick with all of your different creative endeavours, how did it all begin?

My life is one big quilt of colors and experiences that I just stitched together to make the whole.  I enjoy all aspects of a creative life and never turned someone away when they ask me to tackle something I have never done before or did not fall completely under the skill set that I had worked under.  I believe in saying YES, I also like challenges.  All creative endeavours were given to me in trust and I never like to disappoint.  Over time, my body of work is vast and varied, but I like that.  I never want to be put in a box or categorized as something.  I am ME and my work transcends across modalities large and small.

If your life was made into a movie, what would your tagline be?



You star in the HGTV show ‘BUY IT! FIX IT! SELL IT!’ and you seem to be born for a design show (your style alone has you popping off screen) is this something you always wanted to do?

Being on television is not something that I always wanted to do.  I do not even own a television or watch TV.  I was approached by producers over the course of my career for many years and have participated in the industry as part of my work. Appearing on Steven & Chris for many years as the resident crafter and spotting as a craft expert started the ball rolling. Being on a show was a natural progression and I feel really lucky to have this opportunity.  It is fun, but it is another aspect of my work—you just get more of a front row seat.


Do you ever find it difficult to be at the helm of so many projects? It seems like you have a continuous flow of ideas and energy and projects, how do you channel all that energy in a prosperous way, i.e jack of all trades, master of many.

I do not find my life to be difficult—but more of a wild carpet ride that I willingly put myself on.  I take on a lot because I have the ability to do so and I have my sidekick Julie to help me.  I just like being wildly busy because my mind is wildly busy so my life matches that rhythm.  I creatively channel for friends, my clients and myself all the time.  I have found a healthy and high-spirited way of organizing my free flowing, yet productive thoughts and somehow---my organizational system works and everything falls into place.  I am both a detail and big picture thinker---so I pick and starting place and go from there.  “Free your mind and rest will follow”…. right? Method to the madness or Madness is the method---sort of thing.


When you decided to jump ship and start your own business what is a mantra that kept you sailing through those stormy times of confusion that all artists seem to go through?

From the moment I could imagine life—I always knew what I wanted and the creative life I desired to be apart of.  The mantra was less a mantra and more a state of mind.  There were no other options for me to consider—it was this incarnation or combust into a rainbow. DON’T GIVE UP.  DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE.  DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED.  Be whole hearted in your love for your life and the service you know you are here to give and then just keep giving. Give what you got till you bleed. Life will give back once life knows you are serious.  Then, watch the glitter come rushing in. Confusion will occur, but a strong full-hearted belief in what you love will shine through it all.


tiffanypratt_taramcmullen7 tiffanypratt_taramcmullen8

If you could collaborate with any designer or artist living or dead who would it be and what would you create?


Right now, the first person that comes to mind is VIVIAN WESTWOOD.  I think she would be wild enough to give me creative rein over her empire to create clothing collections and epic accessory lines. I have not dipped into fashion in a big way yet.  This is the next level.


I am going to say it, your style is iconic! It is so uniquely and beautifully you and I love it. Where does this fashion courage come from and what inspires your looks?

First of all: THANK YOU!  I really appreciate that!  I let my wardrobe choices just happen.  I generally just flow with what I need to do that day and what I feel like.  I like wearing things that make me feel cozy in my skin. I realize at times it is a soft version of costuming—especially with my hair being so colorful.  But, it is more an authentic expression rather than an act of courage.  I just wear what I feel.  I have all sorts of rags and ripped or stained frocks and tops.  I give everything that makes it into my dressing room a shot.  Clothing and how you wear it is an art form--I cannot help myself.


Happiness for you is…?

Time.  Silence.  Sleeping.  Exercising.  Puttering.  Laughing. Smelling.  Seeing.  Feeling.  Hearing.  Tasting.  Touching. Being.  Coloring.  Creating.

Everything you touch turns to magic, what does magic mean to you?

Thank you again.

Magic to me is defying expectations and doing more than you should. Magic is going below the surface of anything to the HEART of the matter and giving the good a path to rise up. Magic is filled with LOVE, HOPE & STRENGTH.  Magic holds space for all that is intended and delivers to the believers.  Magic is everywhere and within all things. I believe.


[photos: 1,2,5,8-15 // Tara McMullen | 3,4,6,7,16 // Annawithlove]