Monday Muse // The Statement Clutch

statement tote 8

Fall is upon us and while it can seem sort of dreary to layer up in boring coats and sweaters, why not add a statement clutch for a fashionable boost to your outfit? Deemed one of Fall 2014s most wearable trends, we can see how easy this trend is to pull off.

Whether you are wearing boyfriend jeans, booties and an oversized jacket, or a dress, tights and jacket combo, a statement clutch will capture the eye and spice up your outfit completely. It's up to you how extreme you want to take this trend, but we're loving a more luxurious option with a pop of reversible colour thanks to this clutch, or a graphic text-adorned style like the fashion capital option we currently have in store.

As you are heading out this week, if you look at your outfit and feel like it needs something a little extra, grab your statement tote or clutch. And if you don't have one, get one - you won't regret it and will soon want to pair it with all your outfits.

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