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If it wasn’t posted on Instagram, did it ever really happen?

I’ve recently started to notice myself falling towards a tendency to disconnect from social media on the weekends. Call it a summer schedule, or maybe it’s just a need to step away from the overwhelm that is a very real part of my week’s at this point. But it’s a little more than that as well. My relationship with social media has changed, and not necessarily for the better.

This got me thinking about the bigger picture. About this love/hate relationship with social media that’s started to develop in a very real way for me recently. It’s started to feel like this necessary evil, and as it has definitely led to some frustration and anxiety for me over the past little while, I wanted to unpack that a little.

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The 5 C's of Content Creation

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to start to feel overwhelmed with all the information out there telling us how to do this, that and the other thing constantly, and I’m also a big believer in learning, sure, but also in developing your own way of doing things based on what works for you and your business. Because let’s be honest, you’re the only one who can really know that.

Which is how I came up with my 5 c’s of creating content, and though the way that you apply these guidelines to your own visual strategy may vary slightly (and they should), I think they’ll help in providing a little bit of guidance as you plan and create your own content. 

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5 Ideas to Help Tell Your Brand Story on Instagram

We all know the importance of using Instagram to share engaging, quality content for our business or brand.  But sometimes it can be a barrier to come up with creative ideas for the styling and captions themselves. I've been there. I want to help you tackle those  barriers by providing some content and caption prompts. It’’ll give you a little bit of guidance not only for what to post, but also why you’re posting it.

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Planoly // An Essential Instagram Tool

You’ve likely seen me mention Planoly in the past when I’ve talked about breaking down an Instagram post or planning content, as it’s quickly become my go-to for all things Insta, from planning to analytics to comment management. We covered it in our recent social media workshop, and I usually end up going over it one-on-one with my social media clients, so I figured it was about time that I did a little overview post that walked through how I use it. 

When it comes to Instagram, I’m a big advocate for planning your content according to the grid, and Planoly is just the tool to do that.

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Breaking Down an Instagram Post: Planning your Content and the Basics of Styling and Shooting

If you’re using Instagram for your brand or business, there’s a lot more planning that goes into crafting the perfect post than simply snapping a photo on the fly and crafting a quick caption. It’s important to develop a visual strategy and create content that falls within that; but when it comes to coming up with content ideas, styling and shooting the images themselves, what does that actually look like? Let’s discuss the basic breakdown of an Instagram Post, which includes coming up with content ideas, styling and shooting the perfect image.

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Storytelling on Social Media

Social media has increasingly become a key part of our storytelling strategy as brands and businesses, providing us with an opportunity to build a relationship with our customers and audiences, tapping into their emotions so that when we ask them to do something (ie. visit our site to make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, or book a service), we will be top of mind, and we’ve already build a relationship with them. They trust us, because they’ve become part of our story. 

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The Art of Instagram Flirting

We all know the importance of using instagram to tell our story, showcase our style and build our online communities, and chances are you already have some pretty good ideas about how to do this for your own business. 

But in the past few years of using the platform, I’ve discovered another lovely side effect thanks to my adoption of a little social networking tactic I like to refer to as Instagram flirting.

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Three Things to Consider When Planning Instagram Content

My instagram “strategy” has gone through a number of iterations since I first embraced the visual platform years ago, using it to connect with followers, share behind the scenes glimpses at what running my business looked like, and showcasing the Bicyclette brand through styling and storytelling.

Whether developing a visual strategy for my own Instagram feed or one of my clients, there’s a certain process I go through in order to bring the vision to life, which I’m talking about on the Planoly blog today. But what about when you’re ready to start the planning process and move on to the content creation stage?

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Using Colour to Create a Consistent Instagram Brand Presence

When it comes to branding, the ultimate goal for my Instagram feed - or any touchpoint of the Studio Bicyclette brand, really - is to create consistent imagery that is instantly recognizable, standing out in our followers’ feed regardless of whether or not our profile pic or name is associated with it. That brand recognition is invaluable.

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Thoughts on The New Instagram Algorithm, and Why You Should Be Focusing on Content and Community Instead

A few weeks ago, the Instagram community started collectively freaking out over the mention of a new algorithm being put into place. As I watched my feed start to fill with pleas to turn on notifications for their accounts, I couldn't help but contemplate what this might mean for those of us who have used Instagram as a key tool in growing our businesses and connecting with an online community. 

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6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Colour Inspiration

There's no denying that Instagram has quickly become one of our favourite social media platforms, full of visual inspiration and snippets into the lives of those we follow. It's such a great tool to use to grow your business or personal brand, and there are definitely tips and tricks that you can use to maximize it and increase your online community and social following.

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How to Post Instagram Photos to Twitter with 'If This Then That'

I wanted to focus on an issue I've been trying to find a solution to for awhile: How to post Instagram photos to Twitter. Though I'm of the mind that each social media platform should serve a slightly different purpose in terms of the type of content, it's also important to maintain consistency for your brand.

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