6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Colour Inspiration

There's no denying that Instagram has quickly become one of our favourite social media platforms, full of visual inspiration and snippets into the lives of those we follow. It's such a great tool to use to grow your business or personal brand, and there are definitely tips and tricks that you can use to maximize it and increase your online community and social following.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it's important to find your style and be consistent with the content that you're posting, paying attention to creating a consistent colour palette and telling a story. You essentially want it to showcase the essence of your brand, almost treating it like a mini portfolio and a snapshot into your world.

I've always gravitated towards photos and feeds that include a lot of white space and use colour in creative ways. There's nothing that grabs your attention like a pop of bright pink or a beautifully curated palette of pretty pastels, inspiring you to stop your swiping as you quickly scroll through your feed. And so, I've put together a list of a few of my current favourite Instagram accounts to follow for colour inspiration.

One of my most recent follows, @creativekipi showed up as a suggested follow for me and I instantly fell in love. Simple and stunning colour palettes, creative composition and overall beautifully curated, I'm drawn to the simplicity of her photos and the attention to detail that is evident in each and every post.

Perfect for pops of colour and fun, styled DIY shoots, @studiodiy's feed offers a ton of inspiration and never fails to bring a smile to your face. Filled with amazing composition, it offers a glimpse at blog content as well as peeks behind the scenes, and will definitely have you wanting to craft a project of your own or style a shoot that includes a healthy dose of confetti and sprinkles. Oh, and donuts, there are lots of donuts.

If you like pink, I would highly suggest following @xuzzi, whose feed features no shortage of pink in every shade imaginable. A graphic designer, his eye for style and design is clearly evident, playing with proportion and interesting crops throughout his feed. On a side note, I'm pretty sure I need to move to Mexico to have access to all these colourfully painted walls. It's just not fair!

There's no denying that when it comes to colour, @shopbando knows what they're doing. From their products to their photoshoots to everything in between, these girls know how to have fun, and there's no shortage of colour and sparkle to prove that point.

Full of bold colourful backdrops and simple still life shots, @littledrill's feed will inspire you to look at simple items in new ways and rethink your styling. I really love the mix of solid colours with the graphic black and whites (she uses a grid pattern as a backdrop that I'm really into), and the overall clean aesthetic is really appealing as a whole.

Ever since I came across @cestmaria, it immediately became one of my favourite accounts to follow for colour and composition inspiration. With a soft palette of pastels with pops of graphic prints, and a gift for finding the most beautiful coloured walls and backdrops, it's easy to get lost in her feed. Trust me, I've screenshot many of her posts to add to my inspiration folder.