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The Dream Project Equation // Passion, People and Profit

First off, as a disclaimer, this is not a post about pricing. That’s still one area of running my own business I’m trying to figure out, and if I had a brilliant equation or a suite of secrets to share with you, trust me, I would. I have written about the importance of time tracking and how I use it to help price my offerings in the past, however, so that’s a good place to start if that's a topic you're interested in.

This is more about learning how to choose the projects you decide to work on. Because if you’re anything like me, your time is valuable, and it’s important to be smart about what projects you take on.

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10 Tips for Using Pinterest as Tool for your Creative Business

Not only is Pinterest one of my favourite social media sites to get completely lost on, it’s also an incredibly important tool for my business. I’m pretty intentional with how I spend my time on Pinterest these days, limiting my daydreaming pinning sessions so I don’t get too carried away and it doesn’t eat into my day too much or decrease my productivity. But when it comes to creating an inspiration board, there’s no better place to start, and I’d like to think I’ve mastered the fine art of Pinterest inspiration gathering, and in turn I’ve seen it benefit my business and drive traffic to the blog as one of the top referral sites.

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10 Tips for Increasing Productivity

It's a pretty safe assumption to say that no matter what we do for work, our time is extremely valuable. We've all struggled with the evil temptations of procrastination, and have quickly realized the importance of working smarter and more efficiently. The act of trying to balance everything you're working on on any given day can be a tough challenge for the best of us, and I'm always on the hunt for tips and tricks to learn the coveted secrets of increasing productivity. And though it's different for everyone, there have definitely been some gems I've discovered along the way.

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How to Post Instagram Photos to Twitter with 'If This Then That'

I wanted to focus on an issue I've been trying to find a solution to for awhile: How to post Instagram photos to Twitter. Though I'm of the mind that each social media platform should serve a slightly different purpose in terms of the type of content, it's also important to maintain consistency for your brand.

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