How to Post Instagram Photos to Twitter with 'If This Then That'

I wanted to focus on an issue I've been trying to find a solution to for awhile: How to post Instagram photos to Twitter. Though I'm of the mind that each social media platform should serve a slightly different purpose in terms of the type of content, it's also important to maintain consistency for your brand.

The Bicyclette brand is a very visual one, and because I often link the Instagram account with the Twitter account to to share a post on both platforms, it would always frustrate me that the Instagram image doesn't appear in the Twitter feed, and Twitter followers have to click a separate link to view it in their browsers. To put it simply, Twitter and Instagram just don't play nicely together.

I've been focusing more attention on Twitter recently (it's usually the social media platform that gets forgotten, for me anyways), and since it's undergone a number of updates recently to put more focus on visual content and in-line photos, it's the perfect opportunity to share relevant Instagram posts on Twitter. Which, until recently, I didn't realize I could do.

One way around it is through a service called If This Then That (ITTT). ITTT let's you code "recipes" together for certain actions using a trigger. For example, "If any new photo gets posted to Instagram, post a tweet with image to @ShopBicyclette", which is exactly the recipe that I've been using.

Setting it up is pretty simple, just a matter of choosing your recipe, linking your Twitter and Instagram accounts and activating the recipe so that when you post to Instagram it automatically posts to Twitter as well. If you're looking for step-by-step instructions, I found this article helpful. And do note that it takes awhile to activate, so there will be a slight delay before you see it working.

Otherwise, Instagram and Tweet away! And if you like the sounds of this recipe business, there are countless other ITTT recipes to play around with, so it's worth taking a look to see what others may help your to streamline your workflow.