10 Patio Decor Ideas


There are a lot of items to tick off on our summer to-do lists, and one thing I'm particularly excited to get started on is designing and decorating our patio. My roommate and I moved into a new place with an amazing rooftop patio almost a year ago, and though we spent a lot of time out there last summer, we didn't quite get around to decorating it. Coupled with the fact that apparently a raccoon decided all of our patio furniture would make a perfect meal/nest over the course of the winter and has taken over our storage box, we're in desperate need for some new patio decor and it's time to get a little creative with it. My dream patio would resemble a secret garden oasis, with walls climbing with greenery and a feeling of complete seclusion from the surrounding city, so this summer I'm intent on at least starting to work towards that.

A project that will likely take awhile to fully complete, I'm planning to document the process, starting with a few of my favourite patio decor ideas that I've started to pull together.


Play with different textures // By mixing various textiles with old wooden crates and metal planters, this small patio has an eclectic vibe that feels homey and represents the owner's personal style well. I love the pops of colour brought in with the flowers and pillows, offsetting the more rustic elements.


Get creative with your planters // If you're planning on adding some flowers and greenery of your own, you'll need to choose planter options that reflect the overall style you're going for with your patio decor. By opting for more inexpensive options like terracotta, you can have fun with DIYing them to add in colour or a metallic finish, like these pots that are enhanced with gold leaf.


 Add some mood lighting // For evenings outside under the stars, it's important to think about what kind of additional lighting you might need. I really love the look of these string lights, especially strung across the patio, giving it a magical canopy feel.


Don't forget about the textiles // One thing high on our must-have list is a table, as I think a lot of our summer dinners will be enjoyed on the patio, so I've also started to consider various tablecloth and chair cushion options. It's a great way to add some colour and pattern, and jazz up simple furniture


Consider the vertical surfaces // Our patio is walled in, which presents a great opportunity to attach planters and add some colour and height to the space without taking up too much of the sitting area.


Add variety in your planters and consider your colour scheme // A mix of natural textures like wood and terracotta are especially nice when mixed with metal containers and accents, giving it that rustic look that feels perfect for an outdoor space and is prepared to endure the elements. Also, when choosing flowers to plant, consider sticking to a palette that will complement the rest of the elements and create a more harmonious space.


Transform simple patio furniture // A little bit of  paint can go a long way, and we love how Honestly WTF added these bright stripes to these wooden folding chairs to really make them pop. It's an easy and unique way to customize your patio decor and really make it your own.


Consider creating an outdoor bar area // Bar carts have become a household necessity these days, and since we've already put together a list of summer cocktails to try, you can bet that we'll be enjoying a few of those on the patio over the next few months. We love the idea of creating a drink station for evenings on the patio with the girls, where everyone can garnish and serve their drinks and all the necessities are on-hand, saving multiple trips inside.


Take a walk on the wild side // Though this is definitely more of a garden than a patio, I really love green spaces that are left to grow a little wild, really creating that urban oasis.


Create a statement with smaller pots // Another example of vertical gardening, this is a great idea for creating a strong visual impact with smaller plants and a variety of greenery. The grid adds a graphic element that I think would be a really nice contrast to other more natural decor details as well, and again ties in that rustic vibe that fits a patio space so well.