Take Me Out // The Raw Chemist Juice Bar


I'm pretty much the queen of junk food, but even I want to eat something green and healthy once and awhile. My sweet tooth aside, I love crispy veggies, warm cups of green tea, green juice, and icy cold smoothies! There's nothing quite as energizing and healthy feeling as a delicious freshly squeezed juice or berry smoothie in the morning, and that's why I'm so ecstatic that The Raw Chemist just moved into my neighbourhood.

I've been patiently waiting for this adorable new spot to open ever since I saw their "coming soon" signs in the window this past winter. I eagerly watched as the exterior was painted mint, and they slowly revealed the gorgeous details that were coming together inside (a wooden window bar! White honeycomb tiles!) By the time I was actually able to visit, I almost couldn't handle the anticipation!


White, bright, and full of gorgeous colourful details, The Raw Chemist is the kind of spot that has the power to brighten up your entire day. Filled with fresh pineapples, bananas, oranges, greens, and so much more, The Raw Chemist offers an assortment of amazing smoothies ranging from green and healthy to fruity and sweet. A long list of "boosters" is listed on their chalkboard in case you want to amp up the nutrients in your drink, and everything from Vega protein to goji berries and maca powder are on offer. There's also a case of delicious cold pressed juices in bottles to go, and warning, the bottles are so cute you won't want to throw them out (hint, they'd be great for small flower arrangements!)

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With pots of aloe and orchids sitting atop the window bar, fruit galore, and a massive colourful mural behind the counter that almost looks like splashes of veggie juice, The Raw Chemist certainly isn't the place to shy away from colour. I put together my outfit with this concept in mind, pulling some of my favourite shades of carrot and avocado into my look. Luckily Paige had just returned from a buying trip in L.A. with suitcases of bright colours, so it was easy to pick an ensemble as bright and vibrant as The Raw Chemist's juice fridge. In the end I went with a coral crop top with pom pom details, and loose black shorts with a drawstring waist and crochet hem. I accessorized with coral lips, a chunky white necklace, my new Golden Ponies sandals, a light denim shirt for a bit of added warmth, and an adorable mint purse with gold detailing that just arrived at the shop.


After much debate, I decided to order the "Green is Good", a super healthy and delicious combination of spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and banana, and it might just be my new favourite morning smoothie combo! My photographer Brittany (whose drink I stole more than a few sips of) went with the "Strawberry Mango", a sweet mix of coconut milk, freshly squeezed orange juice, strawberry and mango, and though it wasn't quite as healthy as my choice, it tasted divine. I'll absolutely be adding this adorable, healthy spot to my dog walking route a couple times a week (or... everyday?)


Photos by Brittany Hildebrandt