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Lately Inspired By // Cocorrina

For someone who spends so much time on Pinterest (for work, I swear!), it took me awhile to realize that a lot of the graphic inspiration I was pinning and felt drawn to was from one designer — Cocorrina. 

With a focus on hand lettering, beautiful type, textured details and overall layout design, scrolling through her blog is a visual treat, full of stunning designs that mix various elements in interesting ways and look like they could be framed on a wall. And those are just the pieces she creates for her blog, let alone her client and branding work. 

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Web Design 101 // Getting to Understand User Experience Design

Creating a Squarespace account and choosing your favourite template gives you a good shot at being able to create a nice-looking website by just swapping out the content and images from the existing theme with your own. But what if you want more than out-of-the-box? In today’s highly competitive online landscape, going beyond the template and flexing your web design muscle is just one way to stand out against the masses and get noticed!


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Studio Bicyclette Brand Board

When I shared the Studio Bicyclette brand inspiration board last year, I mentioned that branding your own project is not a particularly easy task, and throughout the process of designing the brand identity and website, that didn't waver. What I can say though, is that following a distinct creative process and starting with that inspiration board helped immensely.

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