Lately Inspired By // Cocorrina

For someone who spends so much time on Pinterest (for work, I swear!), it took me awhile to realize that a lot of the graphic inspiration I was pinning and felt drawn to was from one designer — Cocorrina

With a focus on hand lettering, beautiful type, textured details and overall layout design, scrolling through her blog is a visual treat, full of stunning designs that mix various elements in interesting ways and look like they could be framed on a wall. And those are just the pieces she creates for her blog, let alone her client and branding work.  

There's a playfulness and an editorial quality to her work, and I love how she creates these beautiful pieces to accompany her blog posts instead of following a simple template design that we see over and over again. So though you could make a point for consistency from a branding standpoint, it becomes quite easy to recognize a Cocorrina piece simply by the style, without relying on cookie cutter repetition.

If you peruse through the blog, you'll find tips about living The Freelance Life (which she's turned into a series), personal posts and travel diaries (hello, dreamy photos and stunning locales), drink recipes and DIYs (complete with super fun illustrations), and of course lots of designs peppered throughout. Oh, and she also offers a selection of design-related courses and a shop filled with prints, tees and simple home goods. So there's definitely no shortage of inspiration here, which is why I've been so drawn to it recently. 

My takeaways? The importance of defining (and staying true to) your personal style, and how much I love hand lettering incorporated into design work, which is something I think I might challenge myself to do more of.