Studio Bicyclette Brand Board

When I shared the Studio Bicyclette brand inspiration board last year, I mentioned that branding your own project is not a particularly easy task, and throughout the process of designing the brand identity and website, that didn't waver. What I can say though, is that following a distinct creative process and starting with that inspiration board helped immensely.

I've had a printout of the inspiration board hanging beside my desk since I created it, and I keep a digital version on my phone as well. No matter what I do for the Studio Bicyclette brand, I continue to go back to it as a visual reference, and when I started laying out the website design a couple of months ago, I used those images to help create my colour palette and design styles. 

It's easy to cut corners a little bit when you're working on your own project and you're not held to certain deliverables for a client. But I wanted to follow my own rules for this, and take the time to create a brand identity that would remain consistent no matter what I'm designing or producing under the Studio Bicyclette name. 

As I was designing the website, I threw together a quick brand board so that I had all my colour swatches, fonts and images in one file, but didn't bother taking the time to lay it out. Though that worked fine during the design process as a point of reference, I decided to take a little time this week to put those elements into a cohesive document that I could use in the same way as the inspiration board. 

And I can't deny that brand boards make the design nerd in me super happy, especially when it involves my own brand and it's transformation!