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A Lilac Love Affair

Pastels for spring - groundbreaking, I know. But a couple weeks ago on Easter Sunday, our temperamental spring weather decided to treat us to beautifully mild day, and so it only seemed appropriate to take advantage and don an Easter inspired outfit. Given the fact that earlier this week it snowed (again) in April,  I'm quickly learning how important it is to take advantage of those warm days when they're gifted to us. Because you truly never know what the weather holds one day to the next. Oh Canada, always keeping us on our toes. 

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Love Notes // Vol. 2

01 // Now that the weather is finally warming up (fingers crossed it stays that way), my mind has gone into photo shoot planning mode, ready to take advantage of the opportunity to shoot outside and capture that quintessential summer vibe. Wildfox, as always, is a source of inspiration.

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Love Notes // VOL. 1

01 // Colourful cacti and little gold planters. I have a number of these little guys throughout the apartment and studio already, and I love how they add a little bit of life and colour into any space. Though the cacti themselves can be pretty easy to find, I always have a hard time finding planters that I love. I like the minimalist, antiqued look of this gold planter, though I'm thinking I might replicate the look with an old planter I already own and a coat of spray paint.

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