A Lilac Love Affair

Pastels for spring - groundbreaking, I know. But a couple weeks ago on Easter Sunday, our temperamental spring weather decided to treat us to a beautifully mild day, and so it only seemed appropriate to take advantage and don an Easter inspired outfit. Given the fact that earlier this week it snowed (again) in April,  I'm quickly learning how important it is to take advantage of those warm days when they're gifted to us. Because you truly never know what the weather holds one day to the next. Oh Canada, always keeping us on our toes. 

I've spent the last year or so reevaluating what my personal style is, especially when it comes to work days from home. It's hard to justify getting fully dressed and putting together a proper outfit when I spend most of my days in front of a computer in my home office or studio, and I tend to opt for comfort over all else, which can mean that style is often sacrificed. 

Enter Titika, a Canadian line of luxury activewear that I recently stumbled on while wandering Queen West and immediately became slightly obsessed with. It was the strappy bras and mesh panelled leggings that immediately got me, but upon flipping through the racks further, it became clear that this was not your regular workout wear line. These are pieces that easily blur the line between fitness and fashion, meaning you won't think twice about wearing the pieces from a studio class or the gym to a day of running errands or a quick meeting. And who doesn't love that versatility? 

My love affair progressed quickly. It started by pairing this pretty lilac tank with classic black leggings and an oversized cardi on a work day when I knew I wanted to pop out for a midday Extension Method class, and then quickly progressed to realizing that the top could just as easily be dressed up and styled with denim and sparkly earrings. True love.

And that's the story of how I became the kind of girl who wears her "workout wear" to an Easter Sunday lunch. 

Titika Jade Tank // Hudsons Bay Jacket // Sole Society Glitter Shoes // Free People Sunnies

Photos: Jason Matos