Love Notes // VOL. 1


I've been wanting to start a blog column like this for awhile now, a little weekly roundup of my favourite finds on the internet, what I'm currently inspired by, articles I find interesting and that sort of thing. Online love notes, if you will.

I'm starting to work on a rebrand of Bicyclette, which will also include changes to the website and blog, and as is often the case, I have a long list of ideas and to-dos scattered in various notebooks and on post-its around the studio. Since the project will be more of a transition and it's not something I want to rush, instead of saving all of my new ideas until the relaunch, I figured I'd start working on them one at a time and implementing them into the blog gradually, starting today with Love Notes.

01 // Colourful cacti and little gold planters. I have a number of these little guys throughout the apartment and studio already, and I love how they add a little bit of life and colour into any space. Though the cacti themselves can be pretty easy to find, I always have a hard time finding planters that I love. I like the minimalist, antiqued look of this gold planter, though I'm thinking I might replicate the look with an old planter I already own and a coat of spray paint.

02 // Pink lockers. I'm always on the hunt for interior inspiration, and this image, via A Beautiful Mess, jumped out at me immediately. Old lockers with a coat of pink paint, simple! I'm all for that industrial feel, and the pink is so unexpected. Not to mention the storage potential, and the opportunity to use all your favourite magnets to hang photos, reminders, or current inspirations.

03 // Type and graphic inspiration. Like I mentioned, I'm starting the rebranding process for Bicyclette so I'm especially tuned in to type and graphic inspiration at the moment, and I love the simple label of this candle with the mix of fonts and black and white set against the copper tin, which is very similar to what I'm hoping to achieve for my brand. It doesn't look like they're currently selling candles, but this one is from Clark & Dumbo.

04 // A little quirky. Random, sure, but every since this photo popped up on Pinterest, I can't get enough. I love the styling, with the sheer white top and pink lips, and the addition of the cat is exactly what I love in a shoot, something a little quirky that tells a story, even if you're not sure exactly what that story is.

05 // All about that spring style. After a few really beautiful days last week, our weather is back to freezing, which has me dreaming (once again) about spring style. This outfit combines a few of my favourite elements - a worn in tee, print and colour - that I can't wait to incorporate once we can actually get away with bare legs and limited layers.

06 // The perfect lunch. I've been on the hunt for healthy and delicious lunch options, and this recipe for Cauliflower and Roasted Garbanzo "Rice and Peas" has made it onto my shortlist.