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How Photographer Dallas Curow Refined her Brand with the Visual Strategy Masterclass

Dallas Curow is a photographer and makeup artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta, and she was one of the first students to sign up when I launched the Visual Strategy Masterclass back in September. 

After a little back and forth with Dallas, I asked her if she would mind if I shared her story and experience with the Visual Strategy Masterclass, especially because she mentioned she was planning a few shoots that incorporated what she had learned and the clarity she had found for her brand. 

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Girl Crush // Emily Faulstich

Those who wander are not lost...breathing through moment to moment like a well paced melody, recognizing new places in their soul every step of the way. Travel photographer, illustrator, and lover of pretty things, Emily Faulstich wanders with a delicate eye, using her world as her canvas and sharing those moments through her work in photography and design; the way she sees it, the magic she extracts from it.

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