Girl Crush // Lexi Haslam

Lexi is an event planner for The Drake with a passion for all things art and photography. I discovered Lexi through friends and started following her on instagram. I admit I had a girl crush on Lexi long before I even met her in person. That's the power of social media in a not-so-small community of artists in Toronto. And somehow through her photos she seemed like a bubbly, ultra cool creative and really good person, who also happens to wear the cutest braided hairstyles! I finally met this super sweet girl at my favourite coffee watering hole Capital (extra points) and she was rocking a pretty and delicate gold head piece and I knew this was my kinda girl. Lexi is passionate, charming, stylish, honest and kind. Her beauty does not take away from her intelligence and sweet disposition, making her the ultimate girl-next-door and this week's Girl Crush.


You seem like a 'jack of all trades'. What is your profession and what is your passion? Do you believe women can have it all?

Great Question! I am currently an Events Coordinator at The Drake Hotel, where I plan celebrations from large party dinners to lavish affairs (weddings being my favourite). I also love directing and styling photo shoots. My passion is photography; it’s a challenge and art that I continue to learn about.

I believe that women are very powerful, and when we work together (especially artistically and professionally) we can absolutely have it all. We can move mountains (roar).

You definitely love a good love story. What classic is your favourite and what is your love story?

Without sounding too corny, I am obsessed with Dirty Dancing – not just because of the absolutely AMAZING soundtrack and dancing but because the love story is about fighting for the one you love. I admire how baby fights for Johnny – even though her dad doesn’t approve, and their worlds are different. I think that love should be about love, and when people let money, careers and materials define their relationship or come in the way of it –they lose out. I feel like they lose love.

I met my Mike, who I call Sir Arthur in fourth Year University, six years ago. The minute I saw him, I knew I was in trouble and tried to keep him at a far distance. After an aggressive goose chase, and some serious persistence at his end, I gave into his charm and we finally went for coffee. Three years later, our coffee dates continue, and they are still my MOST favourite part of the day. (Those are the coles notes… to say the least).

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At Bicyclette have a major love affair with West Queen West. What is your favourite thing about this community? What do you think is missing?

Queen West is special. I’m a creature of passion, and continuously feel inspired by the people I meet, see and surround myself with. It’s a daring community from restaurants to pop-up shops and I always feel excited when new gems move into the hood and stir a surprise within the community.

I think Queen West is definitely missing coffee shops (haha I’m kidding, I’ve been heavily caffeinated since I’ve moved to the West Side – and LOVING it).

I think that Queen West is missing their manners. People forget to smile, say hi to their neighbors, hold the door for one another and take care of each other – not just on Queen West but in Toronto. I want Queen West to bring back that community feel-good vibe, where being friendly is expected and an everlasting trend.


I have to admit that I follow your instagram and love all your stylish posts. Can you describe your style and what you will be rocking this summer?

Aw, thank you! My style is always based on comfort and fun colourful patterns. I am a big thrift-shopper and enjoy mixing old vintage pieces with new classics. I loved playing dress up as a little girl, and as far as I’m concerned I haven’t stopped!

This summer  I’ll be rocking my loose high waist jean shorts with multiple crop tops and on the weekends – I bring out my lime green lid that is always sported backwards (especially at the beach).

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What is…

... Something you are blessed with: a family that laughs and loves. I am also blessed with my beautiful dog Jax (oh man, I love him so much.)

... Something that scares you: Loss.

.... Something that you day dream about: Passion projects. 


What is your advice for planning the best summer party? What would be your ideal summer event to plan?

The best summer party is always the backyard BBQ. I mean there's a way to make it lavish,and lighting is key. Whenever I'm planning a backyard celebration, my favourite part is night time. Candles everywhere, soft twinkle lights and colour. There is nothing more beautiful then a vintage Margarita Ville all up in your grill. That's what gets the party started.
My advice always: good photographer, good music (DJ), good lighting  and good food. Let's Celebrate!
My ideal summer event (this year) is to plan a Toronto Island #SundayFunday. Sunday's on the Island are warm and I'm not talking about the sun. The whole vibe of the Island is so romantic, relaxing and fun. I would love to do a huge party on the Island where friends and family could get together, have a mini vacation away from the city - sip on mimosas, listen to Bob Marley, and throw their electronics away for a day. Finish off the evening with a boat cruise and delicious dinner. Amen.
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What passion projects feed your soul? What is one that you have on your bucket list?
Passion projects that feed my soul, are projects that have emotion and typically have to do with making people happy. Events and stylized shoots are beautiful, fun and creative projects that showcase our talents but passion ignites a different emotion. A passion project I am currently working on is for my Papa Hazzy. He is 93 years old, and one of the most special people in my life. I love seeing him happy - which isn't hard to do - he is a bright man. He loves music and dancing, so i'm going to throw him a really fun bash at his home with his friends. He has no idea - but it's going to be wonderful and photographed and I can't wait to share! It's my summer project.
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Magic can be found all around us. What does magic mean to you?
Magic to me is energy. When i'm surrounded with talented and beautiful people, I feel energize like I could do anything. That energy gives me so much power and creativity. It's the best feeling in the world, and when you meet people that are magical - you just know because it's contagious. My mind wanders and the creative juices flow. It's the best.